Who’s Your One

By September 6, 2019September 11th, 2019Responsibility, Mission

“Who’s Your One?” is a website with resources to help you as a group leader to keep the Great Commission in front of your group. The primary resource that you might find helpful is a prayer guide. It is a 30 day prayer focus for one person that God has brought into your life. Using the prayer guide you will be praying through scripture asking God to bring “your one” to himself.

In your group you can also use the language of “who’s your one” to facilitate an awareness of evangelism in your group members’ lives. As a part of your group meetings or in one on one times you might ask, “Who’s one person that God has brought into your life that you are praying for to know Christ?

Asking this question regularly and praying together as a group will help train your group to actively look to see where God is working and join Him. He is active in the world. He invites us to join Him.

Link to the 30 Day Prayer Guide

Link to the Who’s Your One website.

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