Member Care Spectrum

By November 14, 2021December 2nd, 2021Responsibility, Member Care, Podcast

Terry discusses the importance of viewing member care in group life as a spectrum. The spectrum goes from Necessary  to Nice.

Necessary are those physical, emotional, spiritual or relational needs in member’s lives where the need exceeds current capacity. Everyone is called to carry their own load so we can’t eliminate every burden, nor should we but at times people need help when the burden is to heavy to carry alone.

At the nice end of the spectrum are those things that are nice to do like a birthday celebration but are not necessary. Leaders have to discern when they have capacity for the nice things and know that if they do the “nice” things for some in their group, then those “nice” things become the norm.

There is no clear cut “rulebook” for member care. Member Care requires discernment. At the end of Terry’s talk there is group discussion but we were not able to record the group discussion.

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