Member Care

Member Care – Not One Size Fits All

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Brenda encourages group leaders to remember the importance of member care in group but to not fall into the trap that member care is one size fits all. Individuals in your group feel love and cared for in different ways. Member care can look differently from group to group. Possible Member Care Goals for Group Get to know one another better – families, concerns, praises, etc. Serve one another in times of need. (Life events – babies, weddings, death, job…

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Get to Know You Questions

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These questions include various levels of topics – from introductory questions for visitors to group or church, to non-threatening conversation starters, to family, to spiritual questions.   Preparation is helpful.  Before meeting with someone – even someone you know – it can help your time together before more meaningful if you’ll think through what to talk about before you meet.   It takes situational awareness to know which question(s) to ask and how – timing and tone.  Just pick a few. Try…

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