Meetings the Squeaky Wheel of Group Life

By August 28, 2021September 2nd, 2021Meetings, Responsibility, Podcast

Jim encourages leaders to think about the different components of their meetings. Meetings are important. They are the squeaky wheel of group life which means they get lots of attention and rightfully so because if you don’t meet you don’t have a group. The tension that is important is learning to get meetings the appropriate attention but not let them dominate group life.

Possible Goals for Meetings

  • Manage Time (Start / End & Pray / Share)
  • Delegate responsibility
  • Get members to stay more connected
  • Manage Discussion (Talker and Silent person)
  • Grow in asking good questions
  • Consistent attendance from group members
  • Get members to prepare for group
  • Balance coffee and content
  • Identifying leaders
  • Accountability
  • Hosting Responsibilities
Meetings Worksheet

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